Project MNT-Pro

Ensuring the security of 5G and 6G mobile networks

Mobile Network Protection (MNT-Pro) is a joint project between ipoque GmbH and Chemnitz University of Technology. During their two-year cooperation, the partners work on technical innovations in cybersecurity. It is centered around ensuring the security of 5G and 6G mobile networks against DDoS (distributed denial of service) and jamming attacks. In this field, there a currently only a few practical solutions on the cybersecurity market. The cooperation between ipoque GmbH and Chemnitz University of Technology combines competencies and shapes the future of cybersecurity.

What is the aim of MNT-Pro?

MNT-Pro aims to develop a system that enables network operators to safely operate 5G and 6G mobile networks. The first step is to research and analyze network attacks in the form of DDoS and jamming attacks. The findings from the first steps are used later in the project to identify weaknesses of affected systems and protect network operators from these kinds of attacks.

Additionally, part of the project plan of MNT-Pro is to be in constant exchange with renowned mobile communications suppliers to ensure the widest possible spectrum of users. Realizing this project will not only be beneficial for the transfer of knowledge, it will also secure jobs, promote the autonomy of the mobile communications and security industries and contribute to the digital sovereignty of Germany.

How did MNT-Pro come to be?

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) released a call for funding proposals titled "Cyber-Sicherheit und digitale Souveränität in den Kommunikationstechnologien 5G/6G" (Cybersecurity and digital sovereignty in the communications technologies 5G/6G). ipoque GmbH and the Chair of Communication Networks (Prf. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bauschert) and the Professorship of Communications Engineering (Prof. Dr. Klaus Mößner) followed this call. The result from this joint proposal was MNT-Pro. The project Mobile Network Protection combines the competencies of ipoque GmbH as a market-leading provider of software for deep packet inspection and network analytics and Chemnitz University of Technology with their research competencies in communication networks and communications technology.

What has been achieved for mobile network security so far?

  • 06/22 – BSI releases call for funding proposals
    ipoque GmbH and Chemnitz University of Technology submit joint proposal
  • 01/23 – Project kickoff
    Project MNT-Pro begins
  • 03/23 – since then: Research on network attacks
    Researching network attacks in form of DDoS and jamming attacks

Funding body

Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is the federal government's agency for cybersecurity. It shapes the safe digitalization in Germany.

Cooperation partners

Chair of Communication Networks

The Chair of Communication Networks focuses on processes, techniques and architectures for flexible and fault-tolerant communication in wireless and wireline communication networks. The research focus is on developing methods for network planning and automation and ensuring network security.

Professorship Communications Technology

The Professorship Communications Technology is centered around three closely connected fields – multisensorial systems/sensor data fusion, mobile communication and image processing and coding. Incorporating the topics covered in research into the lectures shows students their practical relevance.

ipoque GmbH

ipoque, a Rohde & Schwarz company, is a global leader in the world of network analytics software for the communications industry. ipoque develops software solutions that empower its customers to transform IP data into network intelligence. More information can be found on